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Gas Delivery

 Run out of gas? We’ll bring you just enough gas or diesel to make it to the next gas station.

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Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company


Battery Service

 Car won’t start? We provide both battery service and jump starts, we’ll even bring out a new battery

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Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company

Tire Change

 Flat tire, or low tire? We’ll come change a flat tire with your good spare, we also bring air.

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Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company


Lockout Service

Lock your keys in your car?  Don’t let it ruin your day, we provide damage-free key retrieval services.

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Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company

Who Offers The Best Roadside Assistance In Arlington?


We Take Your Well-Being Seriously!

Roadside Assistance Is Serious Business

Don’t Go It Alone

Whoever said, “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait,” must have never been stranded with a flat tire at the intersection of Highway 360 and Six Flags Drive.

There are more than 5,000 motor vehicle accidents in Arlington every year, and being stranded roadside, especially at that intersection, hugely increases the probability of you being included in that statistic.

Besides the danger involved, you have much better things to do than sit roadside.

The Good news is, you have options.

You could call your insurance company for roadside assistance. Of course, they’ll need some information first.  But that’s quite a long drawn-out process that ensures you of an extended wait time. And, unfortunately, you are not in charge of which towing company provides service.  

The other option is to call Eagle Towing Service. Since we have 2 locations in Arlington, you are assured that we will arrive in a matter of minutes. We’ll get to work quickly, changing your flat tire, fixing your dead battery issue, or even providing other tow company services, whatever is required.

We’ll even provide you with a receipt to give your insurance company for reimbursement.

What Could Be Simpler?


Eagle Towing Service

Is Committed To Supporting The Community

Committed to providing excellent towing and roadside services to the residents of Arlington, Texas.

Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company

We feel very fortunate and grateful, having the ability to do what we love.

And we take pride in serving the community of Arlington.

Be it through towing services, roadside assistance, accident recovery, or auto repair, we rest satisfied in the knowledge that we’ve done our part, in some small way, to ensure that your family arrives home safe, time and time again.

This commitment to service is evidenced by the hundreds of long-lasting relationships we have built, and continue to build.

Serving The Community Of Arlington, Texas Since 1991

Roadside Assistance

Your Solution To Being Stranded

Road Side Services

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  • Lockout Service

  • Battery Service

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  • 24 Hour Service

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  • Office Service

  • Affordable Rates

  • Tire Changes

  • Quick Service

Why We Do What We Do

Team Eagle Towing is a family strong business, and growing.

We thrive on being creative problem solvers and revel in new, never seen before challenges. Whether you need a car pulled out of a ditch or an awkward piece of equipment moved, we’re happy to take on any challenge.

What many see as just an automobile with maintenance or repair needs, we see as an opportunity to dial down deeper and learn more about the inner workings of the sum of its parts.

What this means to you is that our desire to get better every day will ensure that both you and your car will receive the best possible towing company and roadside assistance services available.

Constant Improvement Ensures Quality Service


Did you know Texas has the second highest number of licensed drivers in the United States? More than 16 Million. Stay safe out there Arlington 817-360-0705


Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company