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What Makes Us Arlington’s Best Towing Company?

Is It Because Of Our…

  • Experience

  • Commitment to Excellence

  • Courteous Service
  • Affordable Rates

  • 24 Hour Service

  • Attention to Detail

  • Knowledgable Staff

  • Empathy & Understanding

  • Fast Service

Yeah, That’s Part Of It. But It’s Mostly Because…

We Believe Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Eagle Towing Company

Helping You Through The Rough Patches

The rain falls on the just, as well as the unjust, and when it falls on you in the form of an accident or a vehicle breakdown, the last thing you want is an unsympathetic towing company helping you through it.

At Eagle Towing, our maxim is “No More Cranky Tow Truck Drivers.” And we’re on a mission to change the way Arlington motorists perceive towing companies.

We know it’s an uphill battle, but we take solace in our belief that every cloud has a silver lining. This helps to keep us on the straight and narrow.

What this means to you is, we believe that every motor vehicle accident, every breakdown, and every roadside assistance service we provide is an opportunity to make a positive connection with you and, hopefully, change the world for the better, one customer at a time.

If you need towing services in Arlington, Texas please consider using Eagle Towing, we’ll help you through the rough patches.


A Successful Towing Company

Believes On-Going Training Is A Must


Ongoing towing and recovery training, to ensure both you and your car are treated right.Eagle-Towing-Arlington-Texas-Logo-2

Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company

Regardless of the industry you’re in, to stay on top, you must be forward thinking.

That’s why we encourage and support our tow truck operators and dispatchers to take part in ongoing training.

We reward them for improving their skills, and being inquisitive, seeking out new and better ways to solve problems.

This we ask, not only on the operational side of the business, where your car is concerned, but also in interpersonal relationships with other employees, as well as you the customer.

Eagle Towing Service – Our People Are The Difference

Eagle Towing Company

Your Friends In The Towing Business

Tow Truck Services

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  • Local Towing

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  • Appointments Welcome

  • Police Towing

  • Long Distance Towing

  • Equipment Transport

  • Flatbed Towing

  • 24 Hour Service

  • Emergency Towing

  • Battery Service

  • Jump Starts

  • Auto Repair

  • European Car Towing

  • Tire Changes

  • Lockout Service

  • Specialty Vehicles

  • Vintage Car Towing

We Are Guided By Our Commitment To Fairness

We aren’t just towing cars and trucks, we are building relationships.

Over the years, we’ve built our business by delivering value to you, our customer. We’ve done this by providing quality towing services in exchange for reasonable rates.

We understand that in order to gain your repeat business, we must first EARN YOUR TRUST.

Our Commitment To Fairness Is What Sets Us Apart.


Failure to plan is a plan for failure. Plan for the unexpected by putting Eagle Towing’s number in your phone 817-360-0705


Arlington, Texas’s Premier Towing Company